I started this not that long ago and with everything happening now, I don’t feel like writing about boat repairs. It got me thinking: how can I help out, quarantined in an apartment, miles away from our not-so-long-ago reality?

Living on a boat, surprisingly, prepared us more that we could think of how to overcome these unthinkable circumstances. Why? Because, we need to be self-reliant (to keep our boat afloat) but we also learned to live with limited resources (drinking water, propane, electricity and food). So I feel it’s a better time to share my knowledge about provisioning, cooking and living on a budget rather than talking about boat repairs.

I feel blessed and privileged to be able to  leave such a fulfilling life so this is my way to try helping out others.

Cooking tips and tricks

Shopping list

Living without a fridge for three years, I have few tips and tricks to
cook healthy, filling and tasty meals without breaking the bank and with
a limited number of supplies.

Living on a budget

Piggy bank

Working only part of the year, We also learn how to live on a budget. I will share with you our beloved spreadsheets that help us out to create a budget. It will need some modifications to reflect life on land (hydro, water and gas bills…) vs the life on a boat (maintenance, refit…).