Anchor chain length calculator

Here is a handy calculator that will help you determine how much anchor chain will be enough for you to anchor out in a set maximum depth of water.

If you’re unsure about the numbers to enter below or are interested in the details of the method I used, take a look at this post to find out more.


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  1. Hmm, sorry, I really fail to understand how your calculator works. Also after reading the additional material. Any such calculation can only be rather inaccurate if you do not need to supply the vessel’s windage area, or use Robert Smith’s tables to convert vessel length into windage area… Have a look at this calculator instead:

    • liveaboardsailing September 27, 2021 — 1:54 pm

      Hey Mathias, thank your for taking the time to comment my blog post. As I’m currently sailing I would like to take the time later on to read more in-depth about your comments and link. I’ll publish your comments for now and update the blog post accordingly.

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