Exuma Park, Exumas - Bahamas

Sleeping well at night: how to choose your anchor

Exuma Park, Exumas – Bahamas Our boat is a Pearson 35 with a displacement of 13,000 lbs. Two anchors (35 lbs Plow/CQR and 16 lbs Fluke/Danforth) came with the boat but decided to buy another one. After long hours of reading...

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Anchored out in South Caicos, Turks & Caicos

How to choose your anchor rode

Light Strong: high breaking strength Elastic, which is good for shock absorption It sinks  To select your rope size, you should count 1/8″ of rope diameter for every 9″ of boat length. So, let say for a 35 ft boat,...

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Getting ready to anchor

Everything about snubbers

What is a snubber anyway? Using a rope snubber on an all-chain anchor rode A what? You thought your ground tackle was complete, right? You can get away without using a snubber if you have line on your boat roller...

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