Liveaboard Sailing

All you need to know about sailing, sailboat and living aboard

I started this blog after buying my first (and only!) sailboat and lived aboard for three years. I would like to compile resources and knowledge I wish I had to help me understand how everything works on a boat.

What I learned is that, before any great adventure, there are plenty of things to inspect and/or/then repair (wouldn’t be fun otherwise, right?) If you don’t know anything about boat, this is your first boat, you’re not an electrician, nor a diesel mechanic, then these posts, I hope will help you out.

There are so many things to learn about a boat that it is truly overwhelming. Everyone has an opinion (and usually different) about everything. So sometimes, it feels that you are just spending hours trying to find “the right” information. I found out two things:

1- There is more than one way to do things! (I’m guessing that’s why there are so different information online)

2 -Relying on professional opinions or well-rated books (Nigel Calder, Don Casey and West System) is super helpful

I will share my personal experience, what I have learned, the (numeral) mistakes I made and what I will do differently knowing what I know now. I know that I still have a lot to learn (and am happy to) so I’m just sharing what we’ve successfully accomplished and what had worked for us hoping that it might help you save some time, endless google searches and internet roaming.

Please feel free to comment and share your personal experience to help your fellow cruisers.